Sunday, March 10, 2024

do i switch to a dumbphone?

 hey fam! im not 100% sure if i want to switch to a dumbphone or not.. smartphones are cool and all but are kind of addicting, it would be fun using one for at least a week, if i do i'll post about it on here and my youtube channel..

do i do it? 

heres some resources i found: Dumb phones are great because they eliminate the constant allure of smartphone apps and internet access, providing a distraction-free experience. With their basic functionality, they encourage a more focused and present lifestyle, reducing stress and improving productivity. - Opal

I switched to a dumb phone roughly two years ago, and it's been an amazing experience.  Pros:      Increased focus (if you're watching something boring, you can take out your smart phone and distract yourself. when this isn't possible, you tend to either actually focus and enjoy what you're watching, or you stop watching it).      Reduced anxiety (even with notifications turned off on a smart phone, they can be overwhelming. No news is good news, so having a device that can only get calls and texts will reduce the amount of negative things entering your life).      Better time management (because you can't endlessly browse something on your phone, you tend to find more productive things to do. I've focused on hobbies/skills more and they have improved a ton since I ditched the smart phone).      Better friendships (I don't have social media, so if I want to hang with someone I text or call them. This reduces the amount of vapid interaction you have with someone (liking a FB post or making a comment on an instagram pic), which in turn strengthens the relationship, imo      Increased mindfulness (being in the moment can be hard, and smart phones don't make it any easier. Nothing beats a nice hike with just a dumb phone. It clears your mind mentally).      No battery/charge anxiety (I feel bad for anyone who has to charge their phone every night or at work the next day. My phone lasts 10 days on average. I don't ever think about it. It's a minor change, but a hidden gem. Going on a small trip for a few days? You likely don't even need to bring a charger).      Easier to avoid news/media (I ditched the news a while back, and it's been a great help. No more articles meant to rile you up, no more political news meant to divide you. A dumb phone makes it borderline impossible to get that news on your phone. Even if you could, would you want to?)  Cons:      Big cities / directions can be an issue (If I go to a bigger city like toronto or nyc, I will bring a smart phone with me. I don't have a small GPS yet, but that's a decent alternative. The transit/google app in NYC was great, and I can't imagine trying to get around NYC without it. Obviously it's possible, just a lot easier with a smart phone).      Cashless payment (I had one situation where I had cash but the price of what I bought had increased, so I didn't have enough cash. All they accepted was cash or e-transfer (interac online). Since my phone is a dumb phone, I couldn't digitally pay. They let me go to an ATM and take out cash. This has happened once, and it was a minor inconvenience. It's an example of when a smart phone helps, but is also an example of a situation that doesn't justify carrying one around.  The cons are pretty limited. The cons most people have, don't bother me. Smart phones are small computers, and when you go out for your day, do you need a computer with you? I've determined that for almost all people, the answer is no. They will defend their phone, and the argument seems eerily similar to a cigarette smoker. They know it's not good for them, but they find some excuse to justify it. It has legitimately ruined friendships and interactions I've had with a lot of people. Some friends I used to hang out with a lot, are just on their phone all the time and in mid-conversation with other people. It's like a virus that people are catching. - u/RonSwanson

Now, the motorola razr v3s look cool (hello moto) but my carrier doesnt support them anymore  (3g shutdown) I could do 2G but my carrier is a whitelist thingy (fuck u metropcs). i always thought this commercial was cool though:

there also are motorola droids (most of my familys used them) but they are vzw only.. except for the milestone series (international) they also have cool commercials too, thanks telus!;

anyways, ill most likely have to get a android flip like a tcl or a cat phone. or i could try kaios?

anyways, logging off for the night.


- codelazy

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do i switch to a dumbphone?

 hey fam! im not 100% sure if i want to switch to a dumbphone or not.. smartphones are cool and all but are kind of addicting, it would be f...